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CNC TRAINING MACHINE for Fanuc controller

Introducing the new CNC Training Machine, ideal for all Technology Colleges and CNC Training Centres.

This Innovative full size CNC Training Machine, with 3D animation software simulates all aspects of programming, operation and set-up of a typical Vertical Machining Center with Fanuc 0i control ... Never worry about collision again!

The CNC Training Machine bridges the gap between classroom theory and the real workshop machine, complete with full operation panel, Manual Pulse Generator and touch screen operating interface identical to a real CNC machine.  The students can practice all aspects of setting and operating the machine without the risk of expensive collisions or personal danger. The training machine greatly speeds up the learning process enabling students to practice with minimum supervision and without risk, just like a flight simulator for a trainee pilot.

Now on display in our Melbourne showroom. .. Call to arrange a demonstration


Download CNC Training Machine catalog here.

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