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   CNC Control systems for Feeler machines

Currently we are offer machines to the Australian market with the following control systems having exceptional performance, proven reliability and most importantly service support from the manufacturers local service centres. 


  •     0i-MD mate     - Low cost "Package" control, combines high reliable with excellent cost effectiveness
  •     0i-MD              - Fast processor, abundant functions, options include full Manual Guide i, AICC-II High Speed 3D machining
  •      0i-TD               - 2 & 3 Axis CNC lathes, includes Manual Guide programming assistance function & Tool-Path Graphics
  •     NEW  0i-Model F   - This latest model is being introduced to FEELER machines as of October 2015
  •     30/31/32i-       - Ultimate high end controller, multiple paths, A1 Nano, powerful options and super high speed processing.


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