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Manufactured in Taiwan by Fair Friend Ent., Co. Ltd, part of the Fair Friend Group (FFG) the worlds 3rd largest machine tool group

FEELER produces a wide range of highly reliable economically priced CNC Machining Centers and Lathes and is well entrenched in the Australian market having been represented by HS CNC for more than 20 years

Performance Beyond Expectation

Citizen Miyano Logo

Fixed headstock CNC Automatic Lathes manufactured in Japan by Citizen Machinery Co., Ltd. and regarded as the world leader in precision

Miyano, the bar work specialist,  manufactures a range of highly productive Twin Spindle multi-turret CNC lathes that provide fast cycle times, high rigidity and exceptional reliability

Pure Miyano magic

Star Micronics logo

Swiss type CNC Sliding headstock Automatic Lathes manufactured in Japan by Star Micronics Co., Ltd

Star sets the highest standards for productivity and performance and is the No.1 sliding headstock machine in the Australian market


The machine of choice for high productivity parts manufacturing

Do you have a Star on your team ?


VMP and VMX Vertical Machining Centres

New FEELER VMX-1020 Vertical Machining Center

The VMP series is the popular and proven choice for the Australian market and with X-axis travel from 580 ~ 1,650mm and a wide range of options there's a model to suit virtually every applications

The new VMX series ... focusing on the High Speed cutting market this new model features 12 & 15,000 DDS Direct Drive Spindles, and Z axis Roller Guideways combined with Intelligent Thermal Compensation monitoring to ensure the highest precision and dependability

Vertical Machining Centres with Box Ways

FEELER NBP_1300A Vertical Machining Center

The NBP and VB series engineered with solid Box Ways to all axis making the machines ideally suited to heavy duty cutting applications that require robust machine construction ability.

Available in either BT-40 or BT-50 including geared head versions ... take the NBP-1300A #50 geared head spindle delivering 470N-m of Torque at just 375 RPM

FEELER machining muscle

CNC Slant Bed Lathes

FEELER FT-250SY CNC Turning Center

FEELER offers a range of Slant Bed CNC Turning Centers in both linear guide and box slideway versions, from the compact FTC-300 with Ø165mm chuck up the big 30 Kw FTC-640XL with its Ø380mm chuck and 2,000mm turning length

Power turrets and C-axis are also available including Y-axis and sub-spindles for most models

It's worth a look at the range

Horizontal Machining Centers & Borers

FEELER CNC Boring and Milling machine

Horizontal Twin pallet Machining Centers for production with pallet sizes 320 / 400 / 500 / 630 / 800mm

FEELER also manufactures a large range of CNC Horizontal boring and milling machines including moving  column type with X axis travel up to 4,000mm and 20 ton table load capacity

FEELER Boring and Milling machines - 

A Tradition of Excellence

5-axis Verticals

FEELER U-600P 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

The job doesn't have only one side so why machine only one face at a time ? 

U-600P and UB-600 4 + 1 axis Verticals enable cost effective multi face machining with the benefits of reduce setup time, less work in progress and increased part accuracy

5-axis Universal Verticals available with trusted FANUC control

Think ahead ... think 5 axis

Double Column Verticals

FEELER Double Column Vertical Machining Center

Double Column Vertical Machining Centers  up to 7.2 meters X axis travel and 4.0 meters between the columns SDM-M Moving column machine to 14mtrs travel

Can be equipped with a range of horizontal, vertical and angular milling heads including automatic head attachment changer system

Other products include Bed Mills with fixed or universal heads 

Visit the FEELER web site for more info


ABX series (SYY2 & THY2)

Miyano ABX-THY2 - Three Turret Twin Spindle CNC Automatic lathe

Available in twin turret or three turret versions with Y-axis to all turrets

With bar capacity up to 64mm these high-spec twin spindle turning center provide  unrestricted simultaneous machining to both the left and right spindles from either turret to achieve the shortest possible cycle time

Driven tools and double tool holders can be mounted to any of the 36 turret tool positions providing outstanding tooling flexibility for even the most complex jobs

The ultimate machine from the bar work specialist ...  Miyano

BNE & BNE-MSY series

Miyano BNE-51MSY

Sixth generation of the highly successful BNE series which has long been the backbone of short cycle parts machining from bar work up to 51mm

Twin spindle, twin turret turning centers with Y-axis on the upper turret. When combined with the use of double tool holders on the 12-station turret you will never feel short of tools

Slant bed design combined with precision scraped square slideways ensures outstanding rigidity and extends tool life 

Revamped NC control based on Fanuc 31i  and Miyano's  custom menus screens

BNJ series

Miyano BNJ-51 SY

Up to 51mm bar capacity BNJ series delivers the benefits of overlapping machining on both spindles.

The uniquely shaped 2nd turret is fixed to the machine bed structure and when indexed to the clear side allows the sub-spindle to pass to pickup the part

Superimposed machining whereby the movement of spindle No.2 can be overlapped with turret No.1 achieves reduced cycle times

A wide range of options are available to support bar feed operation and unattended running

BNA series

Miyano BNA-42SY CNC Automatic Lathe

For bar work up to 42mm , two spindles  one turret and five different configurations. Sophisticated functions and high accuracy in compact body

  • BNA-42S with Sub-spindle
  • BNA-42DHY Double head m/c
  • BNA-42SY & CY  **New**
  • BNA-42MSY2 moving sub-spl
  • BNA-42GTY Gang turret + Y 

Half indexing and tool holders with multiple rotating tools at one position means you'll never feel short of tools

Superimposed control enables spindle No.2  to overlap the machining on Spindle No.1 to further reducing cycle times

LX series

Miyano LX08 NC lathe with Gantry loader

Miyano LX06 / LX08E  compact 2-axis CNC lathes built on a 30 degree single casting slanted bed design and providing outstanding rigidity and thermal stability

High rigidity turret mechanism combined with precision scraped slideways increases cutting performance making the machine most suited to Hard Turning applications

Several types of automatic loader are available such as Gantry type, In-machine loader and Double hand type.

Custom design and turn key projects can be engineered and carried out by Citizen's system engineering and applications departments

GN series machining cells

Miyano GN series High Precision CNC lathes

To earn a reputation of being the "World Leader in Precision" needs a very special  machine design and exceptional knowhow,  the Miyano GN series is one of the reason that makes this possible

Pictured above the GN3200W  twin spindle version of the GN3200 equipped with a high speed loader

Various automation needs can be offered combining peripheral devices such as the high-speed gantry loader that allows selection of either one or two 2 saddles, in/out stocker, etc

Star SR-38B Swiss type CNC Automatic Lathe

Star Micronics

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SK-51 type A / D

Star SK-51 Type A

NEW RELEASE ... Star Micronics enters new territory with the introduction of the SK-51 Fixed-Headstock model.

In pursuit of applying the highest levels of productivity and capability  to a fixed headstock lathe.

 Available in either the 9-axis SK51 Type A twin spindle twin turret version or the 13-axis Type D with three turrets including 4-station turret tool post with B axis control.

Swivel type control panel with large 15" touch panel display and 3D simulation provides exceptional operability and features.


Star ST-38  CNC Automatic lathe


Star’s flagship models packed with functionality that enables the most challenging parts to be processed.

The ST-38 & ST-20 is the ideal sliding head solution for complex mill-turn parts up to 42mm.

Three 10 station turrets can mount  up to 70 tools and the main spindle lower turret includes an independent Z3 axis allowing two different features to be machined simultaneously (Z1 + Z3) using Star’s “super-position” control ability.

SV-38R / 20R

Star SV-38R Swiss type CNC lathe

 The SV-38R combines the fast processing ability of a platen type sliding head lathe with the flexibility of a turret machine 

Fanuc’s 31i-B5 control provides full 5-axis capability enabling highly complex shapes to be produced.

The 8 station back working tools and Y-axis increases machining possibilities and allows both cross working and front facing power tools to be mounted in any station

Flexibility is further enhanced with the guide bush / non-guide bush switching function

SW-12II / 20


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SR-10 / 20RIV / 32JII / 38J

Star SR Series Swiss Type CNC lathes

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SB-series 12 ~ 20mm

Star SB-R series  Swiss Type CNC Lathes

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